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The Best Sad Romance Movies On Netflix

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Sometimes, you just need a good cry. And what better way to let it all out than by watching a sad romance movie on Netflix? Maybe you're going through a breakup, or maybe you're just feeling a little #foreveralone. Either way, these sad romance movies on Netflix are here for you. Whether you're more in the mood for the best sad teen romance movies, or movies that focus more on adults, there's plenty for every taste. But just remember, even if you're not a teen yourself, teen romance movies can still surprisingly hit you in the feels. Some even manage to squeeze a little humor in there, so you'll be able to laugh away the tears. 

A few movies on this list, including Marriage Story and Happy Anniversary, are Netflix originals. Others are movies that we've come to know and love, including Nicholas Sparks favorites such as Dear John and A Walk to Remember. Keep reading this list to learn more about the best sad romance movies on Netflix. You should be able to find the perfect movie to accompany your pint of ice cream and glass of wine. So gather up your boo, or your best buds, or your cat, and let the movie night begin! 

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