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The 13 Most Breathtaking Sakuga Scenes In All Of Anime

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We've all been there: you're watching an anime with seemingly bland animation when all of a sudden it turns into a cinematic masterpiece. In the anime world, people calls this sakuga, a little-known term used to reference scenes where the quality of animation goes from simple to spectacular.

The best sakuga scenes manage to amp up already fantastic animation—the Monogatari series almost always looks remarkable, but Araragi's fight with Kiss Shot takes things to another level.

Other sakuga scenes occur in shows with uneven animation track records. Many of Naruto's filler arcs look pretty terrible, but during showdown between Kakashi and Obito, you'll have a hard time keeping your jaw off the floor. 

Sakuga scenes usually appear during the climax of a series or a particularly important scene. Because of the sharp contrast in animation, noteworthy sakuga anime scenes stick with you long after you watch them.