The Best San Francisco 49ers Coaches of All Time

There have been many San Francisco 49ers coaches in the team's history, but who is truly the best 49ers coach of all time? Help us answer that question by upvoting your personal favorite former San Francisco 49ers coaches, and downvoting any that you believe brought the team down.

The second most winningest Super Bowl team in the NFL (tied with Dallas with 5), the Niners won all their championships under the leadership of only two coaches. Their first three came in the 80s, courtesy of Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh. Walsh coached the team to three Super Bowl victories in 1981, 1984, and 1988. In 1989 new head coach George Seifert helped them with back to back Super Bowls, and he won another one with the team in 94. 

Who is the greatest San Francisco 49ers coach of all time? Let us know by upvoting for your favorite head coaches below that you believe really made an impact on the franchise.

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