The Best San Francisco 49ers Kickers Of All Time

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The best San Francisco 49ers kickers ever have all had a part in some of the biggest moments in franchise history. NFL games can be won and lost by one or two points, making every made or missed kick of the greatest importance and every starting kicker a potential hero.

While recent stars like Joe Nedney and Phil Dawson have made their mark in the 49ers’ past, early standouts like Ray Wersching and Tommy Davis helped craft their own legacies in the old days of the franchise.

So which of these kickers from San Francisco 49ers history deserves to rank near the top of the list? Who are the best 49ers kickers of all-time? Vote below, and check back to see what other football fans thought.

Photo: John Martinez Pavliga / Wikimedia Commons
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  • Robbie Gould

    Robbie Gould

    182 votes

    49ers career: 2017–present

  • Ray Wersching
    146 votes

    49ers career: 1977–1987

    Career accomplishments:
    1986 All-Pro selection
    2× Super Bowl champion (XVI, XIX)

  • Joe Nedney
    76 votes

    49ers career: 2005–2010

  • David Akers
    75 votes

    49ers career: 2011–2012

    Career accomplishments: 
    2011 Pro Bowl selection
    2011 first-team All-Pro
    PFW Golden Toe Award (2011)
    Longest field goal in 49ers history (63 yards)

  • Phil Dawson
    97 votes

    49ers career: 2013–2016

  • Mike Cofer
    83 votes

    49ers career: 1988–1993

    Career acccomplishments: 
    1989 All-Pro selection
    2x Super Bowl champion (XXIII, XXIV)