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The Best San Francisco Giants Managers of All Time

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Just who is the best San Francisco Giants manager of all time? This list answers that question, ranking every San Francisco Giants manager from best to worst according to the votes of knowledgeable baseball fans like you. Consider regular season stats, as well as postseason performance and World Series wins, then vote up the top Giants managers going all the way back to the team's time as the New York Gothams.

John McGraw managed the Giants for more than 30 years, starting in 1902. McGraw's Giants won nine World Series championships. Bruce Bochy has returned the franchise to glory as the Giants' manager. Bochy took over managerial duties in 2006 and has since won three World Series titles, putting him high on the list of the greatest managers in MLB history.

Enough history, it's time for you to vote up the winningest San Francisco Giants managers and downvote any Giants coaches who held the team back. With your votes, this list will determine the best San Francisco Giants manager ever to spit in the dugout by the Bay.