The Best San Francisco Giants Of 2023

After a tumultuous, heartbreaking, and vastly disappointing MLB offseason, the 2023 San Francisco Giants find themselves looking to rebuild their roster on the fly and defy the odds to get back to the postseason. The San Francisco Giants roster may not have their standout superstar like they thought they would, looking at you Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa, but what they do have is a wonderful mix of homegrown and acquired vets looking to show the world that they don't need a superstar to shock the baseball world. Every game a new hero could rise to the top and lead the team to the promised land, so that of course bares the question, who is the best player on the 2023 San Francisco Giants?

Fan favorites who have been with the Giants since their rookie seasons like Brandon Crawford, Mike Yastrzemski, and Logan Webb will always undoubtedly have a place in Giants fan's hearts, but newly acquired talents like Ross Stripling and Mitch Haniger are here to help elevate the squad to new levels. While the excitement may be lacking now for the San Francisco Giants 2023 roster, the heart and passion from each and every one of the San Francisco Giants players is undoubtedly there, and they are looking to shock the world.

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  • Brandon Crawford
    Photo: @therealbcraw35 / Instagram

    Career Highlights: 
    3× All-Star (2015, 2018, 2021)
    2× World Series champion (2012, 2014)
    4× Gold Glove Award (2015–2017, 2021)
    Silver Slugger Award (2015)
    2× Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award (2012, 2016)

    Giants Tenure: 13 years (Drafted by Giants)

    • Birthplace: Mountain View, California
    • Nationality: United States of America
    • Position: Shortstop
  • Mike Yastrzemski
    Photo: @mikeyaz18 / Instagram
    16 votes

    Mike Yastrzemski

    Career Highlights: 
    All-MLB Second Team (2020)
    Willie Mac Award (2020)

    Giants Tenure: 5 years (Drafted by Giants)

    • Birthplace: Andover, Massachusetts
    • Nationality: American
    • Position: Right Fielder / Center Fielder
  • Ross Stripling
    Photo: @ross_stripling / Instagram

    Career Highlights: 
    All-Star (2018)

    Giants Tenure: 1 year (Left Toronto Blue Jays; Signed as FA) 

    • Birthplace: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
    • Nationality: American
    • Position: Pitcher
  • Mitch Haniger
    Photo: @m_hanny17 / Instagram
    5 votes

    Mitch Haniger

    Career Highlights: 
    All-Star (2018)

    Giants Tenure: 1 year (Left Seattle Mariners; Signed as FA)

    • Birthplace: Santa Clara, California
    • Nationality: American
    • Position: Outfielder
  • Thairo Estrada
    Photo: @thairo22estrada / Instagram
    5 votes

    Thairo Estrada

    Career Highlights: 

    Giants Tenure: 3 years (Traded from New York Yankees to Giants)

    • Birthplace: Bejuma, Venezuela
    • Nationality: Venezuelan
    • Position: Infielder
  • Alex Wood
    Photo: San Francisco Giants / Instagram
    5 votes

    Career Highlights: 
    All-Star (2017)
    World Series champion (2020)

    Giants Tenure: 3 years (Left Los Angeles Dodgers; Signed as FA)

    • Birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina
    • Nationality: American
    • Position: Pitcher