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The Best Horror Movies Set in San Francisco

Updated 2 Apr 2019 58 votes 15 voters15 items

List RulesThe horror movie must be primarily set in San Francisco.

Horror movies based in San Francisco offer something unique. The city is so visually magnificent that setting a scary story there provides a deep sense of irony. It's easy to make a horror movie in an ugly, dilapidated location. Making a horror movie showing San Francisco in all its glory takes real skill. Several filmmakers have proven themselves up to the task, somehow suggesting an evil lurking under the gorgeous surface.

While Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Birds are the most straightforward scary movies set in San Francisco, films such as Zodiac and Copycat are definitely unsettling in their own right. Ultimately, you get to decide the best horror movies set in San Francisco by voting up the ones that gave you the most goosebumps. If you don't see your favorite horror films based in San Francisco here, please add them and let other users rate your selections. 

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