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The Best San Pellegrino Flavors

Updated 27 Feb 2020 269 votes 71 voters 3.1k views14 items

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Featuring classic flavors mixed with a unique twist, the best San Pellegrino flavors are both sophisticated and refreshingly tasty. Unlike other sparkling brands, these carbonated drinks contain real fruit juice, giving them a more robust taste while also focusing on some seriously diverse flavors. That's why we're ranking every San Pellegrino flavor, with the help of your votes.

From classic flavors like Aranciata (orange) and Limonata (lemonade) to cool combination flavors like Melograno and Arancia (pomegranates and oranges) and even some breezy tea flavors, these Sanpellegrino drink flavors are some of the most diverse on the market. How many have you tried? More importantly, how many did you like?

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