The Best Sandra Bullock Movies, Ranked By Fans

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Over 3,300 movie fans have voted to shape these rankings of Sandra Bullock's best movies. From her early work in Demolition Man and Speed to the Academy Award-winning performance in The Blind Side and star turns in Miss Congeniality and Gravity. Bullock has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Her ability to balance action with comedy makes her a perfect fit for any kind of role. She can make a seemingly serious drama feel lighthearted or turn an offbeat comedy into something more grounded.

Bullock is also known for her heartwarming romantic comedies like While You Were Sleeping and Hope Floats, offering up charming performances that tug at our heartstrings every time we watch them again. From popular favorites to cult classics, vote up your favorites so that other fans know which Sandra Bullock movies are the all-time greats.

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