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List of the best Sanford and Son episodes, as voted on by other fans of the series. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Sanford and Son episodes of all time are. Fans of Sanford and Son are extremely passionate about the show, and there is often debate over which episodes are better than others. That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is.

The list you're viewing is made up of many different episodes, including "The Escorts" and "By the Numbers." What is the best Sanford and Son episode of all time? Look below and find out.
The Card Sharps is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Sanford And Son Episodes
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Fred gets a surprise one night when Lamont announces that he's having some friends over to play poker. However, Fred doesn't take Lamont's advice at "getting lost" since he's convinced Lamont's so-called friends are trying to hustle him out of his money. ...more on Wikipedia

Original Airing: Oct 27 1972

Season: Sanford and Son - Season 2

Episode Number: 6

Director: Peter Baldwin

Previous Episode: Tooth or Consequences

Next Episode: Have Gun, Will Sell

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Coffins for Sale is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Sanford And Son Episodes
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Lamont purchases two coffins from an auction to try and get a profit if he sells them to a funeral parlor. In the process, Fred becomes paranoid by having the coffins in the house and refuses to sleep in the house with the coffins. Lamont doesn't think much of it, until he begins hearing strange noises at night. ...more on Wikipedia

Original Airing: Mar 10 1972

Season: Sanford and Son - Season 1

Episode Number: 9

Director: Charles S. Dubin

Previous Episode: The Great Sanford Siege

Next Episode: The Barracuda

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We Were Robbed is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Sanford And Son Episodes
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While cleaning the house, Fred knocks over Lamont's glass figurine collection. Trying to cover up the fact that he broke them, Fred makes up a story about how the house was robbed and how he fought them off. In the process, he is labeled as a hero and Fred takes advantage of it. ...more on Wikipedia

Original Airing: Feb 18 1972

Season: Sanford and Son - Season 1

Episode Number: 6

Previous Episode: A Matter of Life and Breath

Next Episode: A Pad for Lamont

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The Blind Mellow Jelly Collect... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Sanford And Son Episodes
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Lamont advises Fred to donate a collection of Blind Mellow Jelly records to a music library for a tax write-off. After doing so, Fred finds out from an appraiser that the records are valued at five hundred dollars. Fred, with dollar signs in his eyes, has Bubba act as though he were the son of Blind Mellow Jelly in an attempt to get them back. ...more on Wikipedia

Original Airing: Nov 16 1973

Season: Sanford and Son - Season 3

Episode Number: 10

Director: Mark Warren

Previous Episode: The Members of the Wedding (a.k.a.) The Engagement

Next Episode: A House is Not a Poolroom

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