The 13 Greatest Sanji Fights In 'One Piece,' Ranked

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Though Sanji is better known for his cooking skills and his love for women than for his battle prowess, he's still had some amazing fights. But which are the best Sanji fights? That depends on what you want to see in a showdown.

If you want to cry your eyes out, watching Sanji take on his friend Luffy might be your favorite. Want to see Sanji give it his all against a main arc villain, but don't mind seeing him lose? Sanji vs. Enel or Sanji vs. Donquixote Doflamingo might be more your speed. Want to see Sanji show off his speed? Sanji vs. Oven delivers that nicely. No matter which opponent he's taking on, he brings his A-game.


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    Sanji Vs. Jabra

    Jabra is a master of Rokushiki who can transform into a wolf. He's also the third strongest member of the CP9. All of this means he's not exactly an easy opponent for Sanji - but he still manages to defeat him.

    The fight is noteworthy for two reasons. In the past, Sanji would have immediately fallen for any lie that pertained to the women in his life. But he isn't fooled by Jabra pretending to be Robin's brother. This shows how much he's changed since the start of the series. It's also the fight where he debuts his Diable Jambe technique, a move where he heats up his leg to add strength to his already powerful kicks. 

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    Sanji Vs. Mr. 2

    This fight is one of the funnier ones on the list. Though Sanji is stronger than Mr. 2, he has trouble landing a hit because Mr. 2 keeps transforming his face into Nami's. Even though Sanji knows it isn't Nami, he's so taken by her beauty that it doesn't matter - he can't even attack a representation of her. But Sanji manages to find a work-around that lets him attack anyway.

    The whole thing ends on a positive note - both combatants enjoy themselves and leave with respect for their opponent. Considering how brutal some parts of the Alabasta arc are, this fight is a welcome reprieve. 

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    Sanji Vs. Enel

    Sanji doesn't stand a chance of beating Enel, but that doesn't mean he won't try. In order to rescue Nami from Enel's ship, Sanji takes him head-on. Though he gets electrocuted so badly that he's knocked out, he does manage to help Usopp and Nami get off the ship. 

    This fight really shows off his bravery and his commitment to his friends. 

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    Sanji Vs. Donquixote Doflamingo

    Even though Sanji was well aware that he was no match for Donquixote Doflamingo, he still confronted him. Even dynamic moves like Diable Jambe weren't enough to defeat the warlord. Without timely help from Trafalgar Law, he would have been toast. 

    Though it wasn't a victory, it's still impressive that Sanji took on the big bad of the arc.

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    Sanji vs. Page One

    Before taking on Page One, Sanji would have never been willing to use the Germa 66 technology. Because he justifiably hates his father, he also repudiated everything he got from him. But in this fight, he decides to throw aside his bias and use his Raid Suit. Considering Page One's ability to turn into a dinosaur and physically overwhelm any human, he really has no choice. 

    The fight ends on an ambiguous note, but we know Sanji successfully left the Flower Capital, so at the very least he doesn't suffer a fatal loss. 

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    Sanji Vs. Kuroobi

    As long as they're underwater, this fight is a struggle for Sanji. He's facing off against a Fish Man who has no trouble breathing underwater. But the tables turn when Sanji brings the fight onto land. Once he can breathe, he can show off his fighting skills, landing strong, fast-paced kicks and otherwise dominating his opponent. 

    By the end, Kuroobi has been kicked across Arlong Park, and is unconscious, making this a decisive win for Sanji. 

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