22 Hilariously Relatable Webcomics From Sarah's Scribbles

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The concept of "growing up" never comes easy to anyone, but the funny webcomics created by Sarah Andersen seek to at least provide some entertainment on this journey. Using a mixture of self-deprecation, millennial humor, and basic yet distinctive animation, Sarah's Scribbles webcomics embody the anxious and existential crises faced by today's emerging adults. The very best webcomics from Sarah's Scribbles bestow life lessons laced with laughs, another rewarding aspect of one of the Internet's most relatable webcomics. Everything from haircut regrets to falling into Wikipedia holes is addressed by Andersen's funny yet sharp observations.

Sarah's Scribbles primarily focuses on Sarah, a messy-haired, bug-eyed girl who struggles with anxiety, body image issues, and a serious lack of motivation. In the vein of many other funny webcomics, the strips also feature a talking animal, a bunny who ironically enough provides a bit of pragmatism in opposition to Sarah's dramatic outlook towards everything. In March of 2016, Andersen released Adulthood is a Myth: A Sarah Scribbles Collection, and shortly after won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Graphic Novel and Comic. Who knew focusing insecurities into anxious little doodles pays off so well?