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The 15 Best Sasuke Uchiha Fights in Naruto History

Naruto is known for its exceptional fight scenes - it's part of what makes the series so wonderful. While every major character has a few fights that stand out, the fights that truly give this shonen giant its reputation are the ones that involve Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto's best friend and rival.  

Which of these are the best Sasuke Uchiha fights? It depends on what aspect of the series - and of Sasuke - most appeals to you. His fight against Killer B is noteworthy because viewers get to see him cooperate with new teammates, something that the lone wolf shinobi once swore he would never do. His battle against Danzo is a fierce physical conflict in which a villain gets exactly what he deserves. Meanwhile, when Sasuke takes on Team Yamato, he's acting as the villain. No matter who Sasuke is fighting, however, he always brings his A-Game.

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    Sasuke vs. Itachi

    Sasuke's battle with his older brother Itachi isn't just one of Sasuke's best fights - it's one of the best fights in Naruto, period. During this battle, Sasuke finally gets his hotly desired revenge on the brother who destroyed their entire family. At first, it's hard not to root for Sasuke to succeed, but as the fight goes on, it becomes clear that Itachi is hiding something from his brother - something that will make him wish he never fought him to begin with. It's a beautifully animated, emotionally resonant scene.

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    Sasuke vs. Naruto (Valley of the End #2)

    The final showdown between Naruto and Sasuke is both a heart-poundingly exciting fight, and an emotionally resonant one. Rather than relying on the countless jutsu that they've mastered by this point, Sasuke and Naruto mostly trade blows - a process that creates intimacy between the two rivals and shows their raw strength. At the end of the battle, the two powerful versions of their signature attacks - Chidori for Sasuke and Rasengan for Naruto - blowing their arms off in the process. Unlike their previous showdown at the end of Naruto, which cements Naruto and Sasuke as enemies, this battle closes the gap that's developed between them. 

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    Naruto vs. Sasuke (Valley of the End #1)

    All Naruto wants is to bring Sasuke home safely to Konoha. All Sasuke wants is to leave so that he can get strong enough to get revenge on his brother. In the finale of the first series, Naruto tries one last time to knock some sense into his friend. As the two of them shout their feelings at each other, they unleash the strongest versions of their respective abilities that they know - Sasuke using the Cursed Seal that Orochimaru bestowed on him, and Naruto using the power of the nine-tailed Fox.

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    Sasuke vs. Danzo

    If justice exists in the world if Naruto, Sasuke wiping the floor with Danzo is one example of it. It's supremely satisfying to watch Sasuke slice the man who orchestrated his family's demise in half - especially because it comes after Danzo reveals his withered arm full of eyeballs plucked from his families' bodies. It isn't the most exciting in terms of technique or animation, but content-wise, it's one of the best the series has to offer.

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