The Best Saturday Night Live Movies

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Only the top films based on SNL sketches - not just starring former Saturday Night Live cast members

List of the best Saturday Night Live movies, as ranked by SNL fan, movie critics, and film lovers. Saturday Night Live has a long history of creating memorable sketches and characters that are remembered long after the actor who created the character has left the show. Some of the most talented comedians of all times, such as Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, and John Belushi, created hilarious characters on SNL that were so popular that they warranted a feature length film. Only 11 movies in the 39 year history of SNL have been made from sketches, but the films were each memorable.

Starting in 1980, Saturday Night Live movies have been bringing to life characters who had never spent more than ten minutes at a time on screen. The Blues Brothers, directed by legendary director John Landis, was the first SNL film and earned a sequel 18 years later. Wayne’s World and its sequel were perhaps the most popular and highest-grossing SNL movies ever made.While the other movies have yet to live up to the success of those early SNL films,they’re still fun for SNL fans.

What are the best SNL feature films of all time? This list features all of the Saturday Night Live movies ever made and ranked in order of quality.

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