All Saw Movies, Ranked Best To Worst

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With a staggering 9 films in its franchise, it is an incredibly difficult task to rank all the Saw movies from best to worst. The Saw movies changed the landscape of horror for a generation. The cheesy slashers and meta-humor were long gone that ran rampant in the '90s. With all the Saw movies here, a brand new subgenre was born. A hybrid of psychological thriller and intense torture that left audiences shocked, stunned, and horrified as to what they just saw only kept upping the anty with every installment. 

With an ever-winding and interconnected story, the best Saw films masterfully blended disgust with admiration for the story being told. The worst of the saw movies just became a neverending blood and guts fest with no true story, but for some, that made these films even better! The Saw movies hold a radically different place in each and every horror fan's heart.

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