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Here are the best Scarlet Witch quotes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Played by Elizabeth Olsen, Wanda Maximoff (AKA Scarlet Witch), is introduced in the series as a villain working with Ultron, but after seeing through his destructive plan, she and twin brother Pietro AKA Quicksilver decide to fight for humanity. A newer member of the Avengers, Scarlet Witch is also potentially one of the most powerful members on the team. What is your favorite quote from Scarlet Witch?

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    Only My Own

    Vision: If you do this, they will never stop being afraid of you.

    Wanda Maximoff: I can't control their fear, only my own.

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    You Will

    Wanda Maximoff: You took everything from me.

    Thanos: I don't even know who you are.

    Wanda Maximoff: You will.

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    Like That

    Ultron: If you stay here, you'll die.

    Wanda Maximoff: I just did. Do you know how it felt? (Wanda rips out Ultron's heart) It felt like that.


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    Everybody's Afraid

    Ulysses Klaue: I’m afraid that I’m not that afraid.

    Wanda Maximoff: Everybody’s afraid of something.


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    You Could Never

    Thanos: I understand, my child. Better than anyone.

    Wanda Maximoff: You could never.

    Thanos: Today, I lost more than you can know. But now is no time to mourn. Now... is no time at all.


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    Sooner Or Later

    Ultron: You're wondering why you can't look inside my head.

    Wanda Maximoff: Sometimes it's hard, but sooner or later every man shows himself.


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