28 Terrifying Safety Signs That Left Us Shook

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Signs help keep people safe and informed. However, the subreddit r/scarysigns shows that sometimes a simple sign is the only thing standing between safety and complete danger. These are signs absolutely no one wants to find themselves near. Vote up the scariest signs!

  • 1. Just Keep Swimming

    Just Keep Swimming
    Photo: u/Indeeder66soums / Reddit
    4,284 votes
  • 2. Dismount Immediately

    Dismount Immediately
    Photo: u/EzeSharp / Reddit
    4,248 votes
  • 3. Come Again?

    Come Again?
    Photo: u/stuntmandennis / Reddit
    3,322 votes
  • 4. On The Loose

    On The Loose
    Photo: u/lilblondezombie / Reddit
    2,860 votes
  • 5. Found At A Playground

    Found At A Playground
    Photo: u/Plar101 / Reddit
    2,557 votes
  • 6. Walk Away Slowly

    Walk Away Slowly
    Photo: u/Green_Weaver / Reddit
    1,828 votes