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The Best Scenes From 'The Dark Knight'

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The Batman character has been around since the 1940s and portrayed in so many ways that it's often hard to pick a favorite. On top of that, with each iteration of the Dark Knight comes a new interpretation of his villainous rogues' gallery, and all kinds of new character dynamics. One of the most highly acclaimed versions of the Batman story is The Dark Knight featuring Heath Ledger's rendition of Joker. Ledger's portrayal of the classic villain even won him a posthumous Oscar for best supporting actor. 

With acting like that, it's no wonder some of the best scenes of the film are centered on Joker's appalling mischief. The Joker hospital explosion and bank scenes are some of the most notable, but other Dark Knight scenes make this movie the dark masterpiece it is.

Some scenes are memorable because they offer a more in-depth look at a character; some are awe-inspiring because of the visual effects; and some can be considered the best based on dialogue alone.

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    Joker Lights A Mountain Of Money On Fire

    After already stealing much of the mob's money, Joker takes the half he's rightfully earned and puts it to the torch - with Lau sitting on top of it.

    Everyone else seems to be in shock at the waste of so much cash, but Joker reprimands them by saying, "This town deserves a better class of criminal." 

    The scene closes with this chilling statement: "It's not about money. It's about sending a message: Everything burns!"

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    The Semi-Truck Chase

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    Joker hijacks a big rig and surprises the convoy transporting Harvey Dent to county jail. Just as Joker shoots at the truck carrying Dent, Batman shows up, which results in an epic chase through the tunnel and streets of Gotham.

    The Bat Mobile is wiped out in the bazooka blast, but Batman (who always has an escape route) ejects into the Bat Cycle and faces off with Joker on two wheels instead. Using high tension wire, Batman flips the semi, then engages in a game of chicken with Joker on the street.

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    Joker Overtakes Bruce Wayne's Party

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    Just prior to Bruce Wayne's big party, it's discovered that Dent, along with some other government reps, is Joker's next target. So naturally, Joker shows up at the party. Instead of letting Joker take Dent, and antagonize the rest of Gotham's elite, Rachel steps forward to distract him until Batman can arrive.

    During his scuffle with Batman, Joker grabs Rachel and drops her out the window. The villain laughs as Batman leaps after her, then escapes in the chaos.

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    Joker Recruits A New Team Member

    As if the pencil trick wasn't enough of an introduction, Joker makes his methods very clear when a group of street toughs try to collect on the bounty Gambol put out on the Clown Prince. Rather than having some lackeys ambush Gambol's men, Joker serves himself up as live bait, stabbing two heavies and holding Gambol at his mercy for a short story.

    This is when Joker utters the line "Why so serious?" as he tells Gambol about how he got his scars. Joker takes out Gambol and informs the three remaining men about an exclusive opportunity to join his ranks, with one catch: there's only room for one new guy on his crew.

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