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The Best Episodes of 'Schitt's Creek'

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Ew, David! There are so many hilarious and heartwarming episodes of Schitt’s Creek, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Singles Week" the best, or is "Open Mic" your favorite episode of Schitt’s Creek? Do the best eps feature moments with wig-adorned mystery-accented Moira (Emmy-nominee Catherina O'Hara) or adorable couple David and Patrick? Or do you prefer a little bit Alexis? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Schitt’s Creek are, let's rank every episode from best to worst.

Schitt’s Creek is a comedy that follows the pampered and wildly rich Rose family who lose their fortune and retreat to the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which they’d purchased for their son as a joke birthday gift. Schitt’s Creek premiered on CBC Television on January 13, 2015, debuting on POP TV a month later. Developed by Daniel Levy and his father Eugene Levy, the show features multiple musical performances.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Schitt’s Creek, and vote down any funky episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be difficult to put one Schitt’s Creek episode over the other when there are so many great ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like. If you find yourself missing the series after you've finished it, watch more shows like Schitt's Creek

  • 1
    February 13, 2018

    Season 4, Episode 6

    David and Patrick host an open mic night; Johnny and Stevie start rebranding the hotel.

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  • 2
    April 10, 2018

    Season 4, Episode 12

    Singles Week gets underway just as Jocelyn’s baby arrives, and Patrick takes his relationship with David to the next level.

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  • 3
    April 9, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 14

    It’s Opening Night for Cabaret,and Stevie is nowhere to be found. David tries to make a big announcement, but keeps getting overshadowed by the musical.

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  • 4
    April 4, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 13

    Johnny and Stevie celebrate having a fully booked hotel; David and Patrick go on a date.

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  • 5
    January 12, 2016

    Season 2, Episode 2

    Moira decides to cook dinner with the help of David. Johnny scopes out an office for his consulting business. And Alexis finally comes clean with Ted about their engagement.

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  • 6
    January 12, 2016

    Season 2, Episode 1

    The Roses search for their missing son, David, while Alexis takes her relationship with Mutt to the next level despite technically being engaged to Ted.

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  • 7
    March 29, 2016

    Season 2, Episode 13

    Johnny and Moira go out for their anniversary and run into a couple they knew from their former life, while Alexis and David attend Mutt’s annual barn party, making up with some friends, and making out with others.

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  • 8

    Season 4, Episode 9

    David tries to reconcile with Patrick. Moira pitches a singles event at Town Hall while Johnny buys Stevie a gift for her help at the motel.

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  • 9
    March 19, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 11

    Patrick’s parents are in town for his surprise party, but the parents end up with an even bigger surprise, while Alexis drags Moira to a soap opera convention.

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  • 10
    April 2, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 13

    Patrick tries to take David on a romantic hike, while Johnny has a health scare that sends everyone into a panic.

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  • 11
    April 7, 2020

    Season 6, Episode 14

    David stresses out over the rain on his wedding day, but his family makes it right.

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  • 12
    February 4, 2020

    Season 6, Episode 5

    Alexis plans a local premiere for the "Crows" movie, and Moira makes a big splash on the red carpet. David tends to Patrick after his wisdom teeth removal.

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  • 13
    March 6, 2018

    Season 4, Episode 7

    David and Moira hold a party for Patrick, but David worries about how his family would adversely affect Patrick. Alexis investigates with help a mysterious text from Ted.

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  • 14
    February 5, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 5

    David and Patrick throw a housewarming party and Ted finally lets loose, while Johnny and Moira try their best to babysit Roland Jr. for the evening.

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  • 15
    February 26, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 8

    Johnny and Stevie attend the regional hospitality awards, while Moira does everything in her power to stop Alexis from auditioning for Cabaret.

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  • 16
    March 28, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 12

    Johnny and Moira struggle to find a place for their family portrait. David hosts a 'soft launch' of his new store.

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  • 17
    February 21, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 7

    David plans a new business venture, while Alexis adjusts to her first day at school.

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  • 18
    March 5, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 9

    David agrees to sub in for the annual baseball game, and Moira runs a rehearsal that pushes Stevie over the edge.

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  • 19
    March 21, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 11

    Johnny tries to avoid the spread of lice in the motel. Moira tries to get out of having a flower garden named after her.

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  • 20
    December 18, 2018

    Holiday special

    It's Christmas Eve and Johnny wants to celebrate with an old-fashioned Rose Christmas Party but the rest of the family has trouble getting into the Christmas spirit.

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  • 21
    January 16, 2018

    Season 4, Episode 2

    Johnny braces himself for the possibility of another baby in the family after finding a positive pregnancy test and David and Patrick search for privacy.

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  • 22
    February 6, 2018

    Season 4, Episode 5

    A rumor of Moira's death appears online and Roland asks Johnny to be his child's godfather.

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  • 23
    March 10, 2015

    Season 1, Episode 10

    Johnny reluctantly agrees to speak at the funeral of a local man he doesn’t really know. Alexis struggles with her new boyfriend’s love of animals.

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  • 24
    March 24, 2015

    Season 1, Episode 12

    Johnny tries to arrange a surprise birthday party for Moira. Things backfire when Moira, unwittingly, takes over the planning of her own party.

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  • 25
    January 29, 2019

    Season 5, Episode 4

    Johnny finds himself under financial pressure with the arrival of Moira’s high-priced red carpet gown for the Crows movie premiere. David is conned into taking a road trip with Stevie.

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