The Best School Rumble Quotes

What's your favorite School Rumble quote? Since it's such a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from School Rumble, with the help of your votes.

Based on the manga by Jin Kobayashi, School Rumble is a romantic comedy that pokes fun of high school love triangles. The students at Yagami High School are going all out to on their quest to confess to their "true love;" unaware of the students who are trying to win over their own hearts. There are some really funny quotes in School Rumble, especially from Kenji, who often talks about getting dumped and how life isn't fair.

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  • Do Something And Regret It
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    15 VOTES

    Do Something And Regret It

    "Rather than not doing anything and regretting it, we should do something and regret it."

    -Yakumo Tsukamoto

    15 votes
  • The Moment Of One's Confession
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    The Moment Of One's Confession

    "The moment of one's confession, is the moment of another's dumping."

    -Kenji Harima

    13 votes
  • A Paradise I Can’t Live Without
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    7 VOTES

    A Paradise I Can’t Live Without

    "Everything I do is for you. I never gave a damn about school. I came and went as I pleased.
    But you turned it into a paradise I can’t live without."

    -Harima Kenji

    7 votes
  • Tied By The Bonds Of Love
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    Tied By The Bonds Of Love

    "It wasn't that long ago I was a total smart-ass and a hopeless moron.
    And I was a God. Nothing and nobody could tie me down. I belonged to no one.
    But now I’m tied by the bonds of love. I’m in love with Tenma Tsukamoto."

    -Harima Kenji

    6 votes
  • Even Though One Is Dumped
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    Even Though One Is Dumped

    "Even though one is dumped, no matter how one shows his misfortune and seeks kindness, the world doesn't give a damn about it."

    -Kenji Harima 

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    "I CAN DO THAT TOO!" *He takes out a banana and squishes it, giggling evilly*"

    -Imadori Kyousuke

    3 votes