The Best Sci Fi Comedy Movies

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This list has the funniest sci-fi comedy movies ever made. The best sci-fi comedy films come in many forms. Some good sci fi comedies involve alien invaders while other good sci fi comedy movies explore the depths of time travel. Many of the best sci fi comedy movies have produced sequels and spin-offs.


What films will you find on this top science fiction comedy movies list? Ghostbusters has to be near the top. With an all-star cast featuring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and more, the original Ghostbusters is full of as many laughs as it is supernatural haunts. The time travel comedy, Back to the Future – with its endlessly quotable characters – is another hilarious film that combines elements of comedy and science fiction. There are even funny space movies like Galazy Quest on this list.


Mike Judge's vision of the future is bleak and brain-dead in his funny 2006 sci-fi satirical film, Idiocracy. Other good sci fi comedy movies featured on this list include Guardians of the Galaxy, Men in Black, and Young Frankenstein. Which sci fi comedy do you like the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add any good movies we may have missed.

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