The Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows On HBO Max

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Whether you like vampires, spaceships, or alternate worlds and histories, the best sci-fi and fantasy shows on HBO Max have something you'll love watching. Some sci-fi series streaming on HBO Max are flung far into the future while other HBO Max fantasy shows are more of the sword and sorcery style. If classic takes on genre aren’t your style that doesn’t mean that there aren’t wild and weird sci-fi and fantasy shows on HBO Max right now that you’ll love.

Which shows will you find on this list of sci-fi and fantasy series streaming on HBO Max? Westworld has to be near the top. This western thriller takes sci-fi storytelling to a new level, wrapping deep drama into the futuristic setting. Doctor Who is a good sci-fi and fantasy show on HBO Max for those who like a little bit of everything. If you are looking for a supernatural show True Blood, The Fades, and The Leftovers are more great options.

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