Which Sci-Fi Universe Has The Best Fashion?

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Vote up the sci-fi costumes you wish you could make your new fashion statement.

From the runways of Milan to local neighborhoods, people all over the world use fashion as a way to express themselves, identify with specific cultures, and protect themselves from the elements. Various fashions have also sprung from movie and television sets, spanning everything from elaborate and accurate period costumes to fantastical futuristic concepts and far-out sci-fi costume design.

Some sci-fi fashion is too outlandish to exist beyond the world of fantasy. However, many sci-fi movies and shows have transcended the big screen and had major impacts on fashion and daily wear in the real world. Sci-fi has given the fashion world everything from the techno-noir leather and latex of The Matrix, to the classy steampunk of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, to the sexy psychedelic go-go attire of Barbarella. Which sci-fi fashion would you rock out with your bad self? Vote below!


  • 'The Matrix' - Techno-Noir Meets Emo Goth
    Photo: The Matrix / Warner Bros.

    The fashion of the Matrix trilogy pulls you down a rabbit hole of patent black leather, skintight latex, suede dusters, cool sunglasses, long trench coats, and combat boots. It's like blending office attire with goth and BDSM influences, yet somehow, it works.

    In an effort to imitate the coolest noir in recent memory, many late-'90s and early-2000s teenagers incorporated these same clothing items into their own wardrobes. It's functional for work hours, running from Agent Smiths during the day, and dancing to industrial house in your favorite club at night.

  • Who doesn’t love good ol' fashioned steampunk? Strappy leather, pinstripes, velvet, lace, and giant revolvers make for a fun experience in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    There are also elements of early-20th-century European and Indian royalty thrown in, like big open-top cars and exotic outfits with touches of feathers and fur. So you can get your flair in, too. And of course, Captain Nemo's (Naseeruddin Shah) royal blue raj outfit and curly mustache absolutely rock.

  • 'Firefly' - The Old West In Space
    Photo: Fox

    The fashion of Firefly (and its big-screen sequel Serenity) is one of the more interesting blends in modern sci-fi. It's almost like the costume designers couldn't make up their minds and decided to throw in a little bit of everything. Imagine if the Old West went to space, then add a pinch of Gen X and a dash of the Far East.

    Leather, vests, bold colors and patterns, petticoats, and parasols blend with collared, polo, and Hawaiian shirts, '90s floral patterns, fitness wear, cold-shoulder crop tops, and business suits. Perfect for those who want to be fashionably prepared for any situation.

  • The neon dystopia of Blade Runner sets the stage for fashion influenced by retro-futurism, noir, and punk. It’s like Mad Men meets Dick Tracy meets Tomorrowland. Elegant fur coats, glittering diamonds, cigarette holders, trench coats, suits, and ties dominate this fashion world. Harrison Ford seems like he was born to wear a brown, collared coat.

    Blade Runner's future also has the occasional halter top, funky hair color, and hint of glitter thrown in for good measure. The fashion is great for walking the city streets while looking for rogue replicants, but if the sun ever comes out, you may need to switch into lighter clothes.

  • 'Star Wars' - Space Cowboys And Princesses
    Photo: Star Wars / 20th Century Fox

    Over the decades, the Star Wars movies have provided stunning costumes and hairstyles spanning countless characters, environments, and cultures. They've got everything from sexy metal bikinis, to humble, earth-toned robes, to vividly elaborate royal ensembles.

    Or, maybe you prefer the looks of the black-on-black, masked, caped crusaders of the Sith. Whatever you're into, the Star Wars franchise has it covered. Some of its more unforgettable fashions include the exotic looks donned by Anakin's boo/Luke and Leia’s mother, Padme Amidala; Rey's flowing cream robes and sturdy leather boots; and Princess Leia's simple yet elegant white gown - and trademark braided buns on the sides of her head.

  • The plot of The Hunger Games might bear a significant resemblance to that of a Japanese classic, but the fashion sense of this franchise can't be denied. It's a funky combination of maximalist futurism, rustic Robin Hood looks, Orphan Annie-inspired ensembles, and extreme fashions catwalking down the runway.

    Gaudy, tacky combinations of patterns and colors meld in the extremely elaborate costumes of the elite, while mild punk influences can be seen in characters' makeup, hairstyles, and accessories (as in the half-shaved, tattooed head of Cressida).