The Best Sci-Fi Movies for 12 Year Old Kids

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Vote up the best PG and G-Rated science fiction movies for twelve year old kids to watch.

Science fiction movies can get really complicated and hard to follow. The top sci-fi films for 12 year olds don’t get too bogged down in the advanced science department but still maintain the genre’s sense of out of this world imagination. If you're wondering what sci-fi films should 12 year old kids watch, this list is a really good place to start.

There are all different kinds of science fiction movies on this roundup. Some of the films feature space exploration, others take place in a galaxy far, far away, and one movie even tells the hilarious tale of a scientist father accidentally shrinking his two kids down to the size of an insect.

Which do you think are the best sci-fi films for 12 year olds? Vote up all your favorites. Did we miss an appropriate science fiction movie you think would be perfect for someone who is not quite but almost a teenager, go ahead and add it to the list below.

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