The Best Sci-fi Movies To Watch High On Weed

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Here, you'll find a collection of sci-fi films to watch when you're stoned that are packed full of awesome visual effects, mind-bending plots, and images that just looks really pretty when you're super blitzed. As everyone whose ever indulged in the ways of weed knows, a bunch of really cool sounds and flashing lights go a long way. These classic sci-fi adventures will prove no exception. From genuinely good sci-fi films to unintentionally hilarious critical flops, you're sure to find something you'll love below. 

The next time you find yourself looking to take a trip out of this world without ever leaving the comfort of your own couch, check out this list of the best sci-fi movies to watch on weed. From awesome special effects to alternate takes on the nature of reality, these stoner-friendly films are sure to take your mind on a journey you may or may not forget. 

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