The Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows of 2013

Science fiction television has thrived for decades. It’s partially due to the dedicated fans that create websites, go to conventions,write fan-fiction, and commit their lives to enjoying their favorite sci-fi shows. The best sci-fi shows last long past the air date of the last episode.Fans re-watch constantly and find new and interesting ways to keep their fandom alive. In 2013, plenty of science fiction shows, both new and continuing,managed to enthrall audiences from all over the world and create enthusiastic fans of all ages.

This list features the best science fiction shows that aired in the year 2013. What are the best sci-fi shows of 2013? TV shows like Doctor Who have continued to entertain viewers for decades, while newer shows like Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow are picking up new audiences after their 2013 premieres. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have helped the sci-fi genre grow to broader audiences, becoming two of the biggest shows on cable television. Other shows like Teen Wolf, Falling Skies, and Orphan Black have smaller audiences, but some of the most enthusiastic fans in the world.

The science fiction shows on this list feature other worldly creatures and badass characters we all want to be, but most of all they have captured the attention of dedicated audiences. Fantasy shows are always going to be popular, including the new fantasy series and sci-fi shows in 2019.

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