The Best Sci-fi TV Shows Of 2018

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Only shows that premiered in 2018.

The best sci-fi shows of 2018 were certainly not disappointing. Whether you're a fan of dystopian settings or outer space, essentially any sci-fi series released in '18 will satisfy your wants and needs. But what is it about these great sci-fi series that are so captivating? Could it be that these plots and ideas aren't so far-fetched like that of fantasy shows? And maybe one day we actually will need to fight aliens in space? Whatever it is, these shows are often instant hits. 

While it may only be a year's worth of new sci-fi shows, this list of 2018 series features some shows you seriously don't want to miss. If you're having trouble getting started, be sure to check popular shows like Lost in Space, Krypton, and Altered Carbon - just to name a few. 

Vote up your favorite 2018 sci-fi shows from the list below, and vote down those you didn't care for. You can also add any new ones that may have not made the list. When you're done, check out what sci-fi shows premiered in 2019.

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