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The Best New Sci-fi Shows Of 2020

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List RulesVote up the best science fiction television shows that premiered their first season in 2020.

UPDATED: Check out the Best New Science Fiction Television Series in 2021!

The previous year's selection of science fiction series set new standards of innovation and awe leaving the best sci-fi shows of 2020 a lot to live up to. Luckily, the great sci-fi series released in 2020 are ready to live up to them. From horror to action to superheroes and drama – even series that are more speculative than science-y - the newest sci-fi on TV is ready to rock your world and the worlds beyond.

Is there any more widely known science fiction television franchise than Star Trek? A new series brings back old favorites in Star Trek: Picard. If true classics are what you want, an adaptation of The War Of The Worlds from the BBC and Netflix has a perfect pedigree. The new sci-fi shows of 2020 also include comedy series like Avenue 5 and dramatic horror with October Faction, as well as some of the most exciting sci-fi shows in 2020.

Vote up your favorite 2020 sci-fi shows from the list below, and vote down those that just didn't work for you. You can also add any new shows that may have not made the list.

  • Video: YouTube
    Raised by Wolves (HBO Max, 2020) is an American science fiction drama television series created by Ridley Scott and Aaron Guzikowski. Androids are tasked with raising human children on a mysterious planet....  more
    • Actors: Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Jordan Loughran
    • Genres (Tv): Science fiction
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  • Video: YouTube
    Upload (Amazon Video, 2020) is an American science fiction comedy satire television series created by Greg Daniels. In the future, Nathan (Robbie Amell) meets his early death, and is uploaded into the afterlife of his choice where he is greeted by Nora (Andy Allo). Nathan grows accustomed to life away from his loved ones, and the alive Nora struggles to stay afloat working her job alongside Nathan in the afterlife....  more
    • Actors: Andy Allo, Robbie Amell, Kevin Bigley, Owen Daniels, Allegra Edwards
    • Genres (Tv): Science fiction
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  • Video: YouTube
    Star Trek: Picard (CBS All Access, 2020) is an American television series created by Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon, Kirsten Beyer, and Alex Kurtzman and it features the Star Trek character Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) as part of an expansion of the Star Trek franchise. The series is set 18 years after the events of the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis and finds the retired Admiral General deeply affected by the destruction of Romulus as depicted in the 2009 film Star Trek....  more
    • Actors: Patrick Stewart, Isa Briones, Alison Pill, Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd
    • Genres (Tv): Science fiction, Drama
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  • Video: YouTube
    Brave New World (Peacock, 2020) is an American sci-fi dystopian drama series based on Aldous Huxley's book of the same name. A utopian society that has achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money, family, and history itself....  more
    • Actors: Alden Ehrenreich, Jessica Brown Findlay, Harry Lloyd, Nicholle Hembra, Nina Sosanya
    • Genres (Tv): Drama, Science fiction
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