The Best New Sci-Fi Shows Of 2021

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Vote up the best science fiction TV shows that premiered their first season in 2021.

UPDATED: Check out The Best Sci-Fi Shows of 2022!

Science fiction gives us everything from brave new worlds and the wonders of space to adorable aliens and the best sci-fi shows of 2021 were no exception. From fresh additions to long-loved franchises and adaptations of science fiction classics to new stories going where no show has gone before, the new sci-fi TV series that premiered in 2021 were out of this world.
While we wait for the big names, there were plenty of smaller sci-fi shows that are more than satisfying. Alan Tudyk as a crash-landed alien just trying to fit in in Alien Resident – which was delayed from 2020 – promised to be the perfect blend of comedy and science fiction. The new NBC science fiction series Debris gives out X-Files vibes as two government agents, one from the CIA and the other from MI6, have to work together to determine how the titular debris from an alien space ship crash is affecting the world population.
Is the future (or at least this year’s new sci-fi shows) living up to your dreams? Vote up the best new sci-fi series that aired for the first time in 2021.