The Best Sci-Fi Shows on Amazon Prime

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Latest additions: Paradise City, Tokyo Vampire Hotel, The Peripheral
Most divisive: The Greatest American Hero

Amazon Prime is home to an extensive list of TV shows, and where there's great TV, there's great sci-fi shows. From animated series to popular hits, there's truly something for everyone on Prime. Whether you like a little drama in your sci-fi, like that of Under the Dome, or something a little more classic like the original Star Trek, Amazon has something to suit your taste. In fact, you can even find a decent selection of sci-fi anime series and Amazon Video sci-fi originals like Tales From The Loop

Of course, the best sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime aren't going to disappoint, but some top series are simply better than others—and that's where you as fans come in. Help fellow sci-fi enthusiasts find the best and newest Amazon Prime sci-fi series by voting up your favorites, and downvoting any shows accordingly.

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