The Best Sci-Fi Thriller Movies

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Great sci-fi thrillers keep you in suspense while giving you a glimpse into a possible future or dystopian wasteland. The best sci-fi thriller films come in many forms, a few of them are even great science fiction mysteries. Some good sci-fi thriller films take place in outer-space while other good science-fiction thriller movies feature multiple dimensions. Many of the best sci-fi thriller films have won awards and are critically acclaimed.

What films will you find on this top sci-fi thriller movies list? The Thing has to be at the top. John Carpenters 1982 remake of this classic science-fiction tale is one of the most suspenseful films to ever hit the silver screen. Kurt Russell leads an all-star cast who face off against an ever-evolving extraterrestrial foe in the film. Futuristic crime-solving techniques prove to be untrustworthy in 2002 thriller, Minority Report. Other great sci-fi suspense films featured on this list include Alien, Children of Men and Total Recall.


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