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The Best Sci-Fi Thriller Series Ever Made

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The best science fiction thriller shows are a perfect storm of futuristic imagination and out-of-this-world tension. The best sci-fi thriller series ever shown on television gets you excited for the possibilities of the future while also worrying about the future of the characters you’ve become invested in. If you’ve been looking for the best sci-fi thrillers to add some excitement to your TV nights, this list of the best science fiction thriller series of all time will help you figure out what needs to go into your queue.

The really good sci-fi thrillers, built on a history of satirical anthology series, basically never let you rest. Not only do you get the cool tech and new worlds of science fiction, but what’s next is probably a nerve-wracking twist that involves an alien or the worst monster - man. If you’re streaming your shows, their non-stop pace may make you miss commercial breaks. Although more modern science fiction thrillers include a fresh brand of cynism, as in The Purge and Black Mirror, older shows such as Under The Dome and Fringe also provide both sci-fi situations and thrills.

Which shows balance being thrillers and sci-fi series the best? Vote up the best science fiction thriller shows, vote down the shows that don't deliver thrills with their technological dreams, and add any thrilling sci-fi series that are missing.

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