The 100 Best Science Fiction-Themed Songs of All Time

"Science fiction,” isn't just the spectacular dog fights of interstellar spacecrafts in Star Wars or the fantastic mechanized aliens of H.G. Wells's The War of the Worlds. While films and novels will always be the obvious art forms in which you find sci-fi themes, music also has a lot to offer in the science fiction genre as well. For as long as people have been writing popular tunes, science fiction-themed songs and sci-fi themed music have been playing over the airwaves and on stereos, Walkmans, and iPods. 

No matter what your musical taste might be, whether you fancy a little glitter rock stomper, a modern indie pop toe-tapper, or a quirky and colorful pop hook, there are science fiction songs to be found across any and every kind of musical genre, and this extensive list of songs with sci-fi themes has it all. Vote up the sci-fi songs you find to be out of this world and vote down the ones you think crash and burn.