The Very Best Science Magazines, Ranked

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Science matters to everyone as major discoveries and breakthroughs often have big implications for humanity so it's a great idea to stock up on some good science magazines to stay informed! Quality publications can help explain difficult information in layman's terms and dispel misconceptions, allowing you to have a more nuanced understanding of the world around you. But which magazine is worth a monthly subscription? Below, you'll find a ranked list of science magazines to help you decide! 

There are plenty of scientific journals and magazines out there striving to keep the public informed and aware about everything from medical breakthroughs to new information about the origins of the universe. Whatever you're interested in science-wise, any number of popular magazines should suffice. Scientific American has been providing insight into all areas of science since it was founded in 1845. National Geographic Magazine takes an anthropological approach to covering stories all over the world. Vote up the best science magazines below and feel free to add any great periodicals you feel are missing! 

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