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The Best Sci-Fi Manga of All Time

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You might think manga and sci-fi go hand in hand, but good sci-fi manga is actually kind of hard to find. It all depends on what your definition on "sci-fi" is, as many manga titles have some elements of science fiction in them. Sword Art Online for example is mostly considered fantasy or survival game, but is it not also partly science fiction? More traditional sci-fi manga like Gantz and Appleseed are some of the most notable, but are either of those the best sci-fi manga? Do you think there’s another series that should take the title? We want you to answer those questions by voting for your favorite series on the poll below. You can even add any titles if they're not already here, but just make sure that anything you add is definitely manga that can be considered sci-fi. Avoid voting on series that you haven't actually read!