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The Best Editions Of Scrabble

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Scrabble is one of those games everyone has played at one time or another. Since the advent of mobile gaming, there has been a resurgence in the game's overall interest, thanks to the popular app, Words With Friends. To capitalize on this, and the game's longevity in the marketplace, there have been numerous updates, editions, advancements, versions, and licensed games of Scrabble, enabling more and more people to get in on the fun!

From classic crossovers like Scrabble Harry Potter to fun new variants like Scrabble Slam! and the Scrabble Deluxe Edition (which is basically the same game but a whole lot larger—and more stylish), this list ranks all the best (and most unique) versions of Scrabble over the years. There might be more than you think.

There are tons of different versions of Scrabble out there, but these are the best! Find your favorite version of the classic word puzzle game in the list below, and don't forget to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top!

  • Features: Designed to recreate the look of the original 1949 edition.

    Players:  2-4

    Pieces: 100 vintage wooden tiles

    Scrabble has been around, in one form or another, for a long time. The game debuted in 1949, and it actually hasn't changed much over the years. While you could try to purchase an original copy of Scrabble from sites like eBay, you're guaranteed to get one with all of its pieces, and in great condition thanks to Hasbro Gaming's Retro Series Scrabble 1949 Edition. This is a reproduction of the original classic, with the same designs and artwork, so it's a great alternative if you're feeling particularly nostalgic for the original version of the game.

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      Features: Classic Scrabble with a Wizarding World theme.

      Players: 2-4

      Pieces: 100 tiles, 26 Harry Potter cards, and 4 Magic Word Bonus cards

      The folks over at Hasbro Gaming teamed up with the creative team at Warner Brothers Studios, and came up with this mishmash of both properties in Scrabble Harry Potter Deluxe Limited Edition! This version of the classic game features the look and feel of the Harry Potter film franchise, but in the familiar confines of the classic tabletop game!

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      • Features: A fast-paced version of Scrabble

        Players: 2-4

        Ages: 8+

        Hasbro Games offers up an entirely new way to enjoy Scrabble with Scrabble Slam! The card game offers a fast-paced way of playing the classic game, and it's small enough to fit in your pocket! The object of the game is to lay down cards (tiles) to create four-letter words and then link additional words to the ones already on the playing field.

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        • Features: A fun, rotating board with ease on six soft rubber wheels.

          Players: 2 to 4

          Pieces: 105

          The Scrabble Deluxe Edition featured here is an Amazon Exclusive version of the classic word game. Instead of some of the other deluxe editions featuring wood, or a wooden finish, this one offers a modern take on the same classic design. The gameboard features raised edges to ensure your tiles remain in place throughout the game, and the unique storage solution below the board keeps everything in the right place when it's put away when the game is finished.

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