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List of the best seasons of 24, listed from best to worst with pictures of DVD covers when available. Hardcore fans of the series often argue over what the greatest season of 24 is, which is exactly why this ranked list was created. While Jack Bauer ranks high on famous fictional spies, 24 also tops our list of best action TV shows. This list of the best 24 seasons has been voted on by television fans from around the world, so the order of the seasons isn't just one person's opinion. Each season of 24 has at least one memorable episode, so it isn't necessarily easy to figure out what the top season is.

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24 (season 5) is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Ranking The Best Seasons of 24
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Season 5
Season Five is set 18 months after Season Four. Former Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer begins the season, working as a day-to-day laborer at an oil refinery under the alias "Frank Flynn" in Mojave, California. On a monumental day in Charles Logan's presidency, an anti-terrorism treaty with Russian President Yuri Suvarov is about to be signed when events take a tragic turn.
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24 (season 4) is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Ranking The Best Seasons of 24
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Season 4
Season four, set 18 months after season 3, begins at 7:00 am. Jack must save the lives of his new boss Secretary of Defense James Heller and Heller's daughter Audrey Raines (with whom Jack is romantically involved) when they are kidnapped by terrorists. However, Habib Marwan uses this as a disguise to launch further attacks against America, and Jack is forced to use unorthodox methods to stop him, which results in long-term consequences for both Jack and the United States.
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24 (season 2) is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Ranking The Best Seasons of 24
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Season 2
Season two, set 18 months after the first day, begins at 8:00 am. Jack must succeed in stopping a nuclear bomb from detonating in Los Angeles, then assist President David Palmer in proving who is responsible for the threat. This is necessary to avoid an unfounded war between the U.S. and three Middle Eastern countries.
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24 (season 3) is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Ranking The Best Seasons of 24
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Season 3
The third season of 24 is set three years later after day one, beginning at 1:00 pm. Jack must re-infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel in order to seize a deadly virus being marketed underground. Meanwhile, Palmer attempts to be devoid of further political scandal which could cost him his presidency. Later, Jack and Palmer must cooperate with terrorist Stephen Saunders, who eventually gains possession of the virus, and stop him from releasing it in several American cities.
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