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What Is The Best Season of '30 Rock'?

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List of the best seasons of 30 Rock, ranked from best to worst, with DVD cover images when available. Fans of 30 Rock are very passionate about the series and its amazing cast, so it's no surprise that arguments are often had over which is the best season of 30 Rock. This ranking of all 30 Rock seasons has been voted on by many fans of the show, so this list isn't just one person's opinion. Some of the greatest episodes of 30 Rock come from different seasons, so determining what the best 30 Rock season is can be challenging.

If you're wondering, "What is the best season of 30 Rock?" and "Which season of 30 Rock is the best?" then this list will answer your questions.

Use this list to make one just like it, then re-rank it to fit your opinion. Once you've done that, make sure to check out these other funny shows like 30 Rock!

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    30 Rock - Season 4

    A recurring story arc early in season 4 revolved around Jack's request that Liz cast a new actor for TGS, and Liz's subsequent search for the perfect comedian, much to the dismay of Jenna and Tracy, who fear losing their spotlight. The later half of the season focused on two complementary story arcs: Jack's inability to choose between his two girlfriends, and Liz's inability to find a boyfriend to live up to her expectations and Jenna's relationship with a Jenna Maroney impersonator. 
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    30 Rock - Season 1

    Jack Donaghy is transferred to work at the NBC headquarters, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and retool the late night sketch comedy series The Girlie Show. The show's cast and crew are outraged by this; especially head writer Liz Lemon and main actress Jenna Maroney. Jack proceeds to wreak havoc on The Girlie Show, forcing Liz to hire off-the-wall movie star Tracy Jordan. He again irates the cast and crew of The Girlie Show when he changes the name to TGS with Tracy Jordan (or just TGS).
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    30 Rock - Season 6

    Season six finds Liz emotionally maturing while in a new relationship; Jack continues to attempt to recover his wife from North Korea and find his identity at Kabletown; Kenneth moves up (and later down,) the corporate ladder; and Jenna reaches a new level of fame thanks to being a judge on a reality show, and considers settling down with boyfriend Paul.
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