The Best Seasons Of 'American Horror Story'

The best seasons of American Horror Story are each an individual anthology of gruesome tales guaranteed to send chills down your spine. Television fans from around the world have voted on this list of the best American Horror Story seasons, and these are the rankings, best to worst. Dedicated AHS fans of the show naturally and passionately argue over what the greatest season of American Horror Story is - not to mention which one is the worst - and that's exactly why this ranked list exists. Every season of American Horror Story has a unique cast and story, so even if some episodes reference each other,  the seasons are easier to compare and rank against each other.

Is your favorite season of American Horror Story not as high as it should be? Are you the rare fan infatuated with AHS: Cult? Vote it up so it rises to the top. Think Asylum is overrated? Vote down accordingly. If you want to answer the questions, "What is the best season of American Horror Story?" and "Which season of American Horror Story is the best?" then by all means, have at it. And make sure to check out these other shows like American Horror Story.