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The Best Seasons of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

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Maybe the long wait between some of the great seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, make them better, but the best way to decide is with this list of the best seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, listed from best to worst with pictures, thanks to your votes. One of the best HBO shows of all time and one of the funniest shows streaming on Amazon Prime, Curb Your Enthusiasm is returned with season 10 in 2020 after a long hiatus! Hardcore fans of the series often argue over what the greatest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is, which is exactly why this ranked list was created. This list of the best Curb Your Enthusiasm seasons has been voted on by Curb Your Enthusiasm fans from around the world, so the order of the seasons isn't just one person's opinion. Each season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has at least one memorable episode, so it isn't necessarily easy to figure out what the top season is. Is your favorite season of Curb Your Enthusiasm not as high as it should be? Be sure to vote it up so it rises to the top.

If you want to answer the questions, "What is the best season of Curb Your Enthusiasm?" and "Which season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is the best?" then this list will have you covered.

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    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 9

    The ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered on October 1, 2017, over six years since the end of season eight.

    Larry incurs a fatwa from the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, after lampooning the Ayatollahs while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in promotion of his latest, long-awaited project, a comedy musical called Fatwa!, centered on The Satanic Verses controversy, in which Ayatollah Khomeini ordered a fatwa against Salman Rushdie in 1989.

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    The seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered on October 15, 2000.

    The first season of Curb introduces us to Larry's post-Seinfeld world, where he is wealthy, has a loving wife, a best friend, and he also manages to offend everyone around him. It is not long into the series though that we realize that Larry David is his own worst enemy. He is accused of having an adultery-implying erection because of his extremely baggy trousers that bunch up when he sits down; feuding with a shoe salesman; getting blamed for a newspaper typo after submitting an obituary for Cheryl's aunt; reacting offensively to drinking from his friend's mother's glass; and unintentionally causing someone to believe that his uncle is an incestuous pedophile.

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    The fifth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered on September 25, 2005.

    Larry's friend, comedian Richard Lewis, is in dire need of a kidney transplant operation. Purely out of paranoid guilt, Larry offers one of his own to Richard if Richard cannot find a suitable donor in time. Larry then makes many concerted, ridiculous efforts to find Richard a kidney donor. Larry explores the possibility that he may have been adopted, because of a potentially misunderstood word his father said while in the hospital — Larry hires a private investigator to look into it. Eventually, he discovers the "truth" and visits his potential biological family, where he learns that he could be Gentile. His new faith in Christianity makes him agree to donating Richard his kidney.

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