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Every Season Of 'The Challenge,' Ranked By Fans

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What is the best season of The Challenge? Now’s your chance to voice your opinion. Was MTV The Challenge Vendettas your favorite season - or were you more of a The Challenge Final Reckoning fan? There's also The Challenge War of the Worlds, which really shook things up. It’s hard to rank The Challenge best seasons, since there are a whopping 35 of them and the series has been renewed for a 36th season. The show has been on since 1998.

If you’re about to search "CT The Challenge," let us save you some time. The absolutely insane elimination round where Chris "CT" Tamburello carried Johnny Bananas like a backpack is from season 20, Cutthroat. There are certainly a lot of options for the best seasons of The Challenge.

However you vote, be sure to make your opinions known below. Then check back to see how all of your favorite seasons are doing in the rankings. And if you plan on watching the The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, check out this MTV The Challenge drinking game to make things interesting.

  • The Challenge: Rivals (Season 21)
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use

    Host: T.J. Lavin

    Winners: Rivals Evelyn Smith and Paula Meronek, and Johnny Bananas and Tyler Duckworth won the final. 

    Cara Maria Sorbello and Laurel Stucky and Kenny Santucci and Wes Bergmann were the runners-up.

    Jenn Grijalva and Mandi Moyer and Leroy Garrett and Michael Ross came in third and did not win a big cash prize.

    Memorable moments:

    • Chris "CT" Tamburello came in determined to make partner Adam King his friend after they had come to blows in a previous season.
    • Enemies Wes and Kenny never quite made up, costing them the big win.
    • On Air: 2011-06-22
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  • The Challenge: Free Agents (Season 25)
    Photo: The Challenge: Free Agents / MTV

    Host: T.J. Lavin

    Winners: Johnny Bananas and Laurel Stucky took first place, winning $125,000 each.

    Johnny Reilly and Nany González were the runners-up, winning $35,000.

    Zach Nichols and Devyn Simone came in third place, winning $15,000.

    • On Air: 2014-04-10
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  • The Challenge: Rivals II (Season 24)
    Photo: The Challenge: Rivals II / MTV

    Host: T.J. Lavin

    Winners: Chris "CT" Tamburello and Wes Bergmann and Emily Schromm and Paula Meronek won the final challenge, earning $125,000.

    Frank Sweeney and Johnny Bananas and Cara Maria Sorbello and Heather Cooke were the runners-up, taking home $35,000.

    Jordan Wiseley and Marlon Williams and Camila Nakagawa and Jemmye Carroll came in third, taking home $15,000.

    Memorable moments:

    • Cooke's rival was originally Naomi, though Cara Maria replaced her in the second episode.
    • Johnny and Frank's pairing was all because of a Twitter fued.
    • On Air: 2013-07-10
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  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel (Season 13)
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use

    Host: T.J. Lavin

    Winners: Wes Bergmann and Jodi Weatherton won $150,000 each. 

    Memorable moments:

    • Diem Brown and Chris "CT" Tamburello kicked off their seasons-long relationship. CT showed a softer side as he encouraged Diem to go without her wig, and comforted her whenever she got down about her battle with Cancer.
    • On Air: 2006-10-12
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