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The Best Seasons of 90210  

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For this poll we're ranking the best seasons of 90210, with the help of your votes. Since there are four iterations of the famous Darren Star series, let us clarify that we're talking about the newest version of 90210 that debuted on CW in 2008. The series became edgier than ever, following privileged Beverly Hills dwellers and their dramatic lives. It's hard to argue that 90210 isn't an amazing show, but which season is your favorite? Whether you liked the earlier seasons or the most recent one, vote up your top 90210 seasons and downvote any that you felt were a little dry.

Actors in 90210 include Shenae Grimes (best known as Darcy from Degrassi), Rob Estes, Tristan Wilds and many more talented actors. Please know that there are spoilers on this poll, so if you haven't seen every season of 90210 then browse with caution.
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90210, Season 3 is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Seasons of 90210
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90210, Season 3

Aired: September 13, 2010 – May 16, 2011

An earthquake shakes up Beverly Hills, but there are other things shaking up as well as Naomi tries to find her rapist. Annie and Dixon cope with their parents' divorce. Teddy comes out.

Key episodes include "Age of Inheritance," "The Bachelors," and "Best Lei'd Plans." 

Memorable moments:
- Naomi taken hostage by Mr. Cannon 
- Naomi dressing in an Avatar costume
- Silver's breakdown
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90210, Season 2 is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Seasons of 90210
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90210, Season 2

Aired: September 8, 2009 – May 18, 2010

It's the end of summer school. Naomi unknowingly dates a married man. Dixon discovers that Silver kissed Ethan. More flirting, a rape, and partner-changing happens in typical soap opera style.  

Interesting episodes this season include "To Sext or Not to Sext," "Environmental Hazards," and "Meet the Parent." 

Memorable moments: 
- Jasper attempts suicide, jumping off the Hollywood Sign
- Naomi is raped by Mr. Cannon after falsely accusing him beforehand
- Jen and her French husband claim to be owners of the beach club
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90210, Season 1 is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Seasons of 90210
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90210, Season 1
Aired: September 2, 2008 – May 19, 2009
This revival of an older series also starts with the move of a family into Beverly Hills, the suburbs of the rich and famous. The family's parents have their own issues, with a daughter born out of wedlock. There are love triangles, relationship issues, and all the things that can be expected from a show about life in Beverly Hills.
Significant episodes include "Lucky Strike," Wide Awake and Dreaming," and "That Which We Destroy."
Memorable moments:
- Dixon uses boars to trash a competitor school's cafeteria
- Harry catches his daughter making out, and decides to have a "sex talk"
- The Veronicas perform
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90210, Season 5 is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Seasons of 90210
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90210, Season 5

Aired: October 8, 2012 – May 13, 2013  

Dixon is revealed to be alive. Vanessa continues to obsess over Liam, which leads to an unexpected event. In the finale, a theater explosion sets the stage for an exciting climax.

Major episodes this season include "Hate 2 Love," "It's All Fun and Games," and "The Things We Do For Love."  

Memorable moments:
- Vanessa falling over the balcony
- Silver finds her out her nude photos were leaked
- Liam and Annie admit their love
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