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Good morning, USA! For this poll we're ranking the best seasons of American Dad, with the help of your votes. Fans will also enjoy Roger's best personas and funniest newspaper headlines from the opening sequenceWhat season of American Dad really had you hooked? The Smith family is a wealth of amazing characters, particularly Roger and Steve. The older seasons of American Dad that aired on Fox had some great moments, including Stan's first time killing a man, but the new American Dad seasons on TBS have been really good too. Many will even say that American Dad is a funnier show than creator Seth MacFarlane's original hit, Family Guy.

Vote up your top American Dad seasons and downvote any that you felt were a little dry. Make sure you don't downvote any seasons if you haven't seen all the episodes, or else Stelio Kontos will visit you at work and beat you up.

American Dad Season 5 is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Seasons of American Dad
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American Dad Season 5

Aired: September 28, 2008 – May 17, 2009

Season 5 satirized various political and social topics, including incest, coming out, and fear mongering propaganda. Plus, more of Roger the alien!

Unforgettable episodes include "One Little Word," "Phantom of the Telethon," and "Jack's Back."

Memorable moments:
- Roger's alcoholism 
- Roger suggesting the CIA telethon to Stan
- Steve and Roger as Wheels and the Legman
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American Dad! - Season 4 is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Seasons of American Dad
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American Dad Season 4

Aired: September 30, 2007 – May 18, 2008

The Smith couple try to become closer to each other after discovering that the CIA has been tampering with their minds. They find that dealing with their inner selves is harder than they thought. 

Unforgettable episodes include "Meter Made," "Big Trouble in Little Langley," and "Widowmaker."

Memorable moments:
- Stan using Hayley's mental programming
- Stan dying, then coming back to Earth
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American Dad! - Season 6 is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Seasons of American Dad
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American Dad Season 6

Aired: September 27, 2009 – May 16, 2010

This season shows alternate versions of the characters, plus, more family tension from probably the most normal (well, sort of) animated family on TV. 

Unforgettable episodes include "Home Adrone," "Shallow Vows," and "May the Best Stan Win."

Memorable moments:
- Francine letting herself go to test Stan's love
- Cyborg future Stan's appearance
- Roger joining the police
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American Dad Season 14 is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Seasons of American Dad
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American Dad Season 14

Aired: November 7, 2016 – 

Unforgettable episodes include, "The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba," "Bahama Mama," and "Roger's Baby."

Memorable moments:
- Stan Groundhog Day's Francine, Steve, and Hayley
- Roger becomes a guru in meditation
- Steve gets kidnapped and taken to the North Pole

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