The Best Seasons of 'Arrow'

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For all the DC Comics fans, we're ranking the best seasons of Arrow, with the help of your votes. It's hard to argue that Arrow isn't an amazing show (the first season was CW's highest-rated show in five years) but which season is your favorite? The show was renewed for an eighth and final season and still managed to stay fresh since it debuted in 2012. Arrow was the first show in the now-titular Arrowverse, made up of multiple series from The CW that are part of the DC Multiverse.

Stephen Amell does a great job portraying Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow over the show's many seasons, but which season of Arrow really had you hooked? Whether you liked the earlier seasons or the last one, vote up your top Arrow seasons and downvote any that you felt didn't do the characters and story justice.

If you haven't seen the new seasons of Arrow, please be wary that there may be spoilers below. However, if you're all caught up, you might wanna check out our list of other great shows like Arrow for something new to watch!