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The Best Seasons of 'Better Call Saul'

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It's such a great series, so let's rank every season of Better Call Saul from best to worst. If you're unfamiliar with the show's premise, Better Call Saul is a spin-off of Breaking Bad and chronicles the life of Saul Goodman before he became Walter White's attorney. Six years before Breaking Bad, Saul was a struggling lawyer who was then known as Jimmy McGill. Throughout the seasons of Better Call Saul, Jimmy attempts to make a name for himself with slick tactics that aren't always by the books. He finds a partner in Mike, a private eye who is also an expert 'fixer.'

If you've been following all the seasons of the show, then come on in and cast your vote on which seasons you think have been the best so far. No matter how many seasons of Better Call Saul you've been able to catch, you'll also get a brief overview of each season that'll give you an idea of what you've been missing out on. Some of the most memorable episodes of Better Call Saul come from different seasons, so picking the top season isn't easy. It can be tough to put one Better Call Saul season over the other, which is why you can vote on however many seasons you like. You can also check out more great shows like Better Call Saul!

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    Better Call Saul - Season 2

    Better Call Saul - Season 2
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    Season 2 first aired on February 15, 2016 and contains 10 episodes. Jimmy first decides to quit law, but decides to stick with it after accepting a new job offer. 

    Some of this season's most popular episodes include "Gloves Off," "Nailed," and "Klick."

    Memorable moments from this season include:

    • Jimmy and Kim take their relationship to a new level.
    • Jimmy has no intention of giving up his old methods when he takes a new job.
    • Jimmy puts his relationships with Kim and his brother Chuck in jeopardy. 
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