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It's such a great series, so let's rank every season of Family Matters from best to worst. In case you were born after Y2K, Family Matters is a hysterical 90s sitcom that revolves around the Winslows, a suburban Chicago family. The star of the show, however, ends up becoming their dorky next door neighbor, a boy named Steven Q. Urkel who has a massive crush on their daughter Laura, though he constantly accidentally creates havoc in their lives. 

If you're a long time Urkel fan, then come on in and vote for which season of Family Matters is your favorite. In case you've never seen the show or perhaps it's just been awhile, fear not. Here you'll also find brief overviews of each season of Family Matters to remind you which wacky antics Steve was up to during each.

  • Family Matters Season 3
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    Family Matters Season 3

    Season 3 first premiered on September 20, 1991 and contains 25 episodes. Urkel continues to create hilarious havoc for Laura and the rest of the Winslows both at school and home.

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include "Born To Be Mild," "Farewell, My Laura," and "The Love God."

    Memorable moments from this season include:

    - Urkel invents a jet-pack to use in a rope climbing competition against a classmate in order to win Laura's favor.

    - Urkel takes Carl to small claims court when he accidentally kills his prize Peruvian Beetle. 

    -When Urkel's parents go out of town, he crashes at the Winslow's house with disastrous results.

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  • Family Matters Season 4
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    Family Matters Season 4

    Season 4 first premiered on September 18, 1992 and contains 24 episodes. This season Urkel's antics include accidentally super-gluing his hand to Laura. This is also the season when he meets a new love interest in the form of Myra Monkhouse.

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel," "Tender Kisses," and "Walk On the Wild Side."

    Memorable moments from this season include: 

    - Urkel and Carl decide to settle their differences by facing off on an episode of American Gladiators.

    - Just as Carl tries out a new technique to control his blood pressure, Urkel asks him to help him learn to drive. 

    - Laura's guardian angel decides to teach her a lesson by having her experience life from Urkel's point of view for a day.

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  • Family Matters Season 9
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    Family Matters Season 9

    Season 9 first premiered on September 19, 1997 and contains 22 episodes. The last season of the series answers many questions about what the future will hold for the characters, including who Laura will marry.

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include "Deck the Malls," "Out With the Old," and "Pop Goes the Question." 

    Memorable moments from this season include:

    - Eddie decides to follow in Carl's footsteps and become a cop.

    - Steve and Stefan both decide to propose to Laura. 

    - NASA asks Urkel to go to space to test one of his inventions.

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  • Family Matters Season 5
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    Family Matters Season 5

    Season 5 first premiered on September 24, 1993 and contains 24 episodes. This season, Urkel invents a transformation chamber that allows him to become the dashing Stefan Urquelle, in an attempt to win Laura's heart.

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include "Grandmama," "Mr. Urkel and Mr. Cool," and "Presumed Urkel."

    Memorable moments from this season include:

    - Myra wants to be closer to Urkel, so she transfers to his school.

    - Harriette embarrasses Laura with her attempts to become a hip, cool mom.

    - Urkel declares that he will figure out a way to transform himself into Stephan permanently.

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  • Family Matters Season 7
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    Family Matters Season 7

    Season 7 first premiered on September 22, 1995 and contains 24 episodes. This season Urkel accidentally clones himself when things go wrong with his transformation chamber.

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include "Eau de Love," "Dream Date," and "Send In the Clone."

    Memorable moments from this season include:

    - Urkel and Laura must deal with their embarrassment upon accidentally seeing each other naked. 

    - Disaster ensues when Urkel mistakes Laura's diet pills for vitamins.

    - Urkel joins the Big Brother program and discovers the kid he's assigned to mentor can't read.

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  • Family Matters Season 6
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    Family Matters Season 6

    Season 6 first premiered on September 23, 1994 and contains 25 episodes. This season the characters learn a variety of lessons that touch on issues such as homelessness, gun violence, and the importance of family.

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include "To Be Or Not To Be: Part 1," "The Gun," and "We're Going To Disney World: Part 2."

    Memorable moments from this season include:

    - Urkel's transformation chamber accidentally transforms Carl into a nerd.

    - Eddie is invited to join a fraternity, but only if he will ditch Urkel.

    - Urkel invents yet another version of himself: Bruce Lee Urkel, in order to defend Laura.

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