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The Best Seasons of Grimm

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With five seasons under its belt, it's time we rank the best seasons of Grimm on NBC. Described as a police procedural show with a fantasy twist, Grimm is a refreshing and fun take on modern cop dramas. It's hard to argue that Grimm isn't an amazing show, but which season is your favorite? With so many awesome creatures featured over the years, it's hard to say what the best season of Grimm is. Whether you liked the earlier seasons or the most recent one, vote up the top Grimm seasons and downvote any you felt were a little dry.

Grimm Season 5 is currently underway, but we're still ranking it alongside the past four seasons of Grimm. There are spoilers below, so browse carefully if you haven't seen every episode.
  • Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Aired: October 30, 2015 - present

    Trubel had apparently killed the hexenbiest Juliette in the previous season. Adalind gives birth to Nick's child, Kelly. Things continue to mount as the season unfurls events related to a resistance movement against the Wesen royalty. 

    Exciting episodes this season include "Clear and Wesen Danger," "Maiden Quest," and  "The Rat King."

    Key events this season: 
    - Nick takes Adalind and his child
    - Thought dead, Trubel returns alive 
    - Rosalee and Monroe find enemies killed by someone who looks like Juliette
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  • Aired: October 24, 2014 – May 15, 2015

    Nick deals with the loss of his powers caused last season by Adalind, although he tries to get his powers back. Meanwhile, Juliette becomes a hexenbiest, causing problems for everyone involved.

    Key episodes include "Highway of Tears," "Death Do Us Part," and "You Don't Know Jack." 

    Key moments this season:
    - Adalind finds herself pregnant with Nick's child
    - Captain Renard is resurrected by his own mother
    - Monroe and Rosalee's honeymoon is still eventful
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  • Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Aired: October 25, 2013 – May 16, 2014

    This seaons starts with Nick zombified, but he is later cured. He looks at more connections between Grimms, Wesens, and the royal family of the Wesen world. He also finds another Grimm descendant named Trubel and takes her under his wing.

    Important episodes include "PTZD," "Red Menace", and "The Show Must Go On."

    Key moments this season:
    - Rosalee and Monroe decide to get married
    - Trubel is discovered
    - Adalind disguises herself as Juliette
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  • Photo: flickr / CC0

    Aired: August 13, 2012 – May 21, 2013

    Nick's girlfriend Juliette is affected by a memory loss potion. As he deals with this, he reveals his Grimm nature to his partner Hank. As Juliette gets help in restoring her memory, things lead up to a level that threatens Nick with his own coma.

    Major episodes include "Season of the Hexenbiest," "Natural Born Wesen," and "The Waking Dead." 

    Key moments this season:
    - Captain Renard kissing Juliette at the hospital  
    - Monroe scaring neighborhood bullies
    - Juliette's visit to Aunt Marie's trailer
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