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The Best Seasons of My Name Is Earl

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Although the show never got a proper ending, we're still ranking the best seasons of My Name Is Earl. Starring Jason Lee as Earl Hickey, the series ran on NBC for four seasons before being abruptly canceled, even though Season 4 ended with a "to be continued" title card. It's hard to argue that My Name Is Earl isn't an amazing show, but which season is your favorite? Whether you liked the earlier seasons or the most recent one, vote up your top My Name Is Earl seasons and downvote any that you felt were a little dry.

The first season of My Name Is Earl sees Earl losing a winning lottery ticket, only to find it again after doing a good deed. This prompts him to start doing good deeds, or rather to fix his misdeeds from the past to a large group of people. Let us know what the funniest season of My Name Is Earl is by voting below.
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    Aired: September 20, 2005 – May 11, 2006

    Earl, a small-time crook, meets an accident that makes him lose his winning lotto ticket. After learning of the concept of karma and deciding to right his wrongs, he finds his winning ticket and claims his money. Thus he starts his quest to right earlier wrongs. 

    Important episodes this first season include "Randy's Touchdown," "Stole Beer from a Golfer" and "White Lie Christmas."

    Major events include: 
    - Joy impounds Earl's car
    - Earl punches a restaurant owner
    - Earl gives off most of his winnings to someone who should have bought the ticket
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  • Aired: September 21, 2006 – May 10, 2007

    When Joy steals a truck, she ends up accidentally kidnapping a passenger inside. She is busted for it, and while Earl goes on his making-up campaign, he also has to help Joy. 

    Interesting episodes this season include "Jump for Joy," "Robbed a Stoner Blind," and "Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck."

    Key moments this season:
    - Catalina works to help Joy on bail
    - Earl holds a funeral for a man he once locked in a truck
    - Earl takes the heat off Joy and on himself
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    Aired: September 25, 2008 – May 14, 2009

    It's the last season and Earl is winding down checking off his list. He helps someone finish a movie, take up Joy's family responsibilities, deal with whether to snitch a thief and deal with Randy. It's another set of crazy days in Camden.

    Major episodes this season include "Sold a Guy a Lemon Car," "Darnell Outed," and "Witch Lady."

    Important moments this season:
    - Joy messing up an audition
    - Killer bees attacking Camden
    - The revelation of how the Crab Shack's owner died
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  • Aired: September 27, 2007 – May 15, 2008

    Earl is in prison, risking his quest of completing his list of make-ups to do. After getting out of prison, he deals with its effects, which put pressure on him. Then he goes into a coma, and Randy takes charge of completing his brother's list.

    Significant episodes this season include "The Gangs of Camden County," "Burn Victim," and "I Won't Die with a Little Help from My Friends."

    Memorable moments this season:
    - Earl kept in solitary confinement since the warden refuses to release him
    - Earl hit by a car and going in a coma
    - Billie joins an Amish-like sect
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