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The Best Seasons of Nurse Jackie

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It's such a great series, so let's rank every season of Nurse Jackie from best to worst. If you stuck beside Nurse Jackie through all 7 seasons of the Showtime drama, then get ready for the chance to vote on which seasons were your favorites. If you're unfamiliar with the show and need a quick rundown, Nurse Jackie is the tale of a pill-popping nurse played by Edie Falco whose life and career begin to unravel due to her addiction to prescription medication. Throughout all the seasons of Nurse Jackie, she struggles to hold everything together as she deals with everything from rehab to divorce to trying to keep her job. 

As you can imagine, things get pretty interesting throughout each season of the show. For longtime fans, you can vote for your favorite seasons of Nurse Jackie below to ultimately rank each from best to worst. If you're new to the show, you'll find brief plot summaries to help you get an idea of each season to see what you're in for. Once you're caught up, be sure to check back in and cast a vote for the seasons you liked most, and even vote down any you didn't. And if you're looking for more shows like Nurse Jackie, Watchworthy's got your back.

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    Nurse Jackie Season 1

    Season 1 of Nurse Jackie premiered June 8, 2009 and contains 12 episodes. The show's first season introduces Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco), an all star ER nurse at Manhattan's All-Saints Hospital. Though she often butts heads with doctors and has a mild pill popping habit, supported by an affair with the hospital pharmacist Eddie (Paul Schulze ), her nursing experience is unparalleled. 

    Some of the most popular episodes of this season include: "Tiny Bubbles," "Pill-O-Matix,"and "Health Care and Cinema."

    Memorable moments from Season 1 include:

    - Jackie's pharmacist boyfriend is replaced by a pill dispensing machine, leaving the opiate addicted Jackie in a bind. 

    - Jackie and her husband Kevin discover their daughter is suffering from an anxiety disorder. 

    - Jackie's boyfriend Eddie discovers that she is married with kids and follows her husband to his favorite bar. 

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      Nurse Jackie Season 3

      Season 3 of Nurse Jackie premiered March 28, 2011 and contains 12 episodes. Things start to heat up at home for Jackie this season when her husband Kevin finally discovers her drug addiction. 

      Some of this season's most popular episodes include "Have You Met Ms. Jones?," "...Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test," and "Game On."

      Memorable moments from this season include:

      -Eddie, who has befriended Jackie's husband Kevin, tells her he can't keep lying to him about their affair. 

      - Jackie struggles with strained relationships in the wake of her friends and family recent intervention. 

      - Jackie finds herself desperate for pills after a stash she stole from a drug dealer dwindles and her dealer is killed by a bus. 

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        Nurse Jackie Season 4

        Season 4 premiered April 8, 2012 and includes 10 episodes. During the course of the season, All Saints is taken over by a corporation, while Jackie finally consents to go to rehab and endures the horrors of detox. 

        Some of this season's most popular episodes include "Day of the Inguana," "Are Those Feathers?," and "Handle Your Scandal." 

        Memorable moments from this season include:

        - Jackie forms an unlikely friendship with a 17-year-old addict named Charlie in rehab. 

        - After her recent divorce with Kevin, Jackie struggles to adapt to sober, single life. 

        - Kevin attempts to gain full custody of he and Jackie's children. 

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          Nurse Jackie Season 2

          Season 2 of Nurse Jackie premiered March 22, 2010 and contains 12 episodes. Throughout the season, Jackie must battle drama from all angles when she breaks up with Eddie, runs out of drugs, and discovers one of the doctors at the hospital has filed a complaint against her. 

          Some of this season's more popular episodes include "P.O. Box," "What the Day Brings," and "Years of Service."

          Memorable moments from Season 2 include:

          - Eddie overdoses after Jackie breaks up with him and ignores his attempts at contact.

          - Hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus becomes concerned with the growing number of disappearing drugs from the hospitals reserves. 

          - Jackie's family vacation turns disastrous when she misplaces her stash of pills.


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