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The Best Seasons of Saved by the Bell

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For this poll we're ranking the best seasons of Saved by the Bell, one of the most iconic '90s shows of all time. Following Zach, Kelly, Lisa, Slater, Jessie, and Screech throughout their time at Bayside High School, Saved by the Bell was both humorous and endearing. It's hard to argue that Saved by the Bell isn't an amazing show, but which season is your favorite? We've provided descriptions with each season so you can remember what happened during each one. What season of Saved by the Bell really had you hooked? Whether you liked the earlier seasons or the final one, vote up the top Saved by the Bell seasons and downvote any that you felt were a little dry, then go check out our list of more shows like Saved by the Bell.

From seeing Zach's band, Zach Attack, playing to the many relationships throughout the show, every season of Saved by the Bell has something to offer. Use this list as a guide to finding the most popular seasons!

  • (SBTB Season 4) 
    Aired: September 12, 1992 - May 22, 1993 
    College is looming, and the gang is busy preparing for it. But that doesn't mean this season is without its fair share of antics. There's a reversal of teachers and students, a fashion show and a video yearbook project. Plus, a time capsule with replays from old episodes.  
    Key episodes include "The Video Yearbook," "Day of Detention," and "The Time Capsule."  
    Memorable moments: 
    - Zack uses his time-out to get out of a fix
    - Zack getting reprimanded after the car crash
    - Slater's sister appears
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  • Saved by the Bell Season 2
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    (SBTB Season 1) 
    Aired: August 20, 1989 - December 16, 1989  
    We are introduced to the new world of Zack Morris, as he schemes to win the gorgeous Kelly Kapowski.
    Interesting episodes this season include "The Lisa Card," "Fatal Distraction," and "Beauty and the Screech." 
    Memorable moments:
    - Lisa dancing in a leg cast
    - Zack in drag to be Screech's date
    - Screech in the filing cabinet
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  • (SBTB Season 3) 

    Aired: September 14, 1991 - December 21, 1991 

    Zack and Kelly split, while he hits on other girls. This season sees him getting into a lot of sports and trying to impress other girls, all for Kelly's sake.  

    Major episodes this season include "Operation Zack," "Fake IDs," and "The Wicked Stepbrother."  

    Memorable moments: 
    - Zack in the hospital with Lisa's mother 
    - Kelly walking in a nightclub finding Jeff 
    - Zack scores high on the SAT
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  • Saved by the Bell Season 3
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    (SBTB Season 2)

    Aired: September 8, 1990 - December 23, 1990  

    Things are all abuzz about the prom, but even here, things don't turn out as they're expected. After the prom, there's more interesting stuff, like Zack in the army (cadets) and Screech dressed up as an alien.  

    Key episodes include "Zack's War,"  "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind," and "The Fabulous Belding Boys." 

    Memorable moments: 
    - The simultaneous splits of couples
    - Tori Spelling's appearance
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